2015 marks 22 years for The Tribe in Geelong!

January 21, 2015

In our many years as the TV, film and video production company Geelong relies on, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the media game. The way media is delivered and absorbed means your customers expect to see more from you. Images and text just don’t cut it anymore. Media-savvy customers want to interact with your brand, and see how you interact with your customers.

The best way to show them is through video. The Tribe offers professional YouTube video production so you can create your message and get it to your customers. It’s efficient and immediate. And with YouTube being the world’s second biggest search engine next to Google, you’ll be amazed how it can help your site rankings too!

Professional video engages and educates, and should be used to support your other marketing efforts and channels.

No doubt your business has a website. What about a Facebook page? Do you send e-newsletters? Do you tweet? Each offers you a chance to capture a slice of attention from your customers.

Video production is the most compelling way to keep that slice, and turn it into a whole.

While your current communications may involve photos and plenty of text, with updates on your latest activities, specials and industry developments – the challenge for you is supplying your customers with enough variety to keep them coming back and engaging with your message and product or service.

The key is to keep them on their toes. Keep them interested and surprised at what they might find each time they see a communication from your business!

Please contact The Tribe for more information on how our professional YouTube video production complements your other communication methods.