Multi camera live coverage for big screen, streaming or TV in Geelong

June 17, 2015

If you’re looking for slick corporate video production in Geelong for your next event, The Tribe has over 25 years’ experience helping businesses create and market the best coverage.

In addition to our video packaging work, The Tribe also produces multi-camera live coverage for big screen, steaming or TV. This is kind of the coverage you might see at a live sporting event or concert, where multiple cameras feed into a mixer and a Director switches between the cameras to cover the live event.

This is a standard method used for all television coverage and The Tribe has extensive experience, working across large corporate clients and many of the free-to-air television networks.

We recently covered the Northern Futures Annual Industry Breakfast event in Geelong. The Tribe was contracted to feed a number of big screens with various sources, including multiple cameras, a number of different video packages and power point presentations. Our video package needed to not only cover the presenters speaking, but also add content, context and a little ‘show biz pizzazz’ to the event.

If you’re looking for an experienced corporate video production company to provide multi-camera live video coverage for big screen, streaming or TV, contact us for a quote!