Green Screen Video, Geelong

November 29, 2015

In conjunction with Graeme Anderson, Climate Specialist, Agriculture, with the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources at the Victorian Government, The Tribe has spent a number of months producing an educational video for Fertcare. Fertcare’s job is to educate farmers on the science of fertilising land for various uses.

Working very closely with Graeme, The Tribe and DEDJTA developed a script to communicate complicated science in a simple to understand way; very aware of the importance of being short and to the point with our message; clear and concise with the information; yet prioritising being true to the science as the education process requires accuracy.

It was a real joy to be able to work with Graeme to develop a script in so much detail. We considered many aspects of the script; from the actual wording used to communicate the information through to the imagery, and what we felt would be the clearest and easiest way to communicate the rather complicated science behind the story. All while maintaining a realistic budget!

The result was a bright, vibrant, subtly high-tech product featuring nothing but hand-drawn graphic components as produced by The Tribe.

Animation, again produced by The Tribe, and live video of Graeme on camera using Chroma-keying technology, via a green-screen, was used to incorporate Graeme into the video packaging.

DEDJTA and The Tribe have received world-wide attention for this style of communication as the science world is well aware of the importance of better communication and utilising modern technologies to clearly and simply illustrate all the wonderful knowledge they are gathering.

The Tribe is very proud to work with the likes of Graeme, DEDJTA and Fertcare.