Web Video, Colac

November 26, 2015

The Tribe’s social media video updates package has been selling like hotcakes! And the reason? If you want to rank well on google you should include regular video in your digital strategy.

The social media video updates package, developed by The Tribe, allows clients access to affordable video production on a regular basis.

Hesse Rural Health is the publicly owned health supplier for a region stretching from Winchelsea to Colac and beyond, and has contracted The Tribe to supply video updates for 2015-2016.

Last week on a beautiful pre-summers day; we had the joy of traveling to Beeac near Colac, to shoot our first video of twelve on the community health services supplied by Hesse Rural Health to the Beeac region.

This video packaging not only entertains your potential customers but also informs them of your services – and importantly, shows Google that you are an expert in your field, thereby enabling the search engine to rank you higher when people search for your particular goods or services.

We’re very proud to have been recognised by Hesse Rural Health for our unique, professionally produced video services.

Beeac 1 Beeac 2 Beeac 3