Quick turnaround short video packages, Geelong

November 9, 2015

The Tribe’s social media update package has shown great success and has resulted in the implementation of a new service; a speedy turnaround short video package, allowing clients to distribute videos of an event via social media even as the event is occurring.

A prime example of this package is The Tribe’s coverage of the 2015 Geelong Pivot Summit where The Tribe’s client, Geelong Connected Communities, were a major sponsor.

During the coverage, a number of technology experts fittingly spoke about the importance of social media and websites in business. Much of this information was conveyed via a series of short videos The Tribe created and published on Facebook, and Twitter, on behalf of Geelong Connected Communities.

The event was a fantastic success and The Tribe’s coverage brought plenty of attention not only to the event itself, but also to Geelong Connected Community’s involvement.

Utilising our wealth of knowledge from our 25+ years of television broadcasting, and our state of the art video equipment, The Tribe gathered pertinent information and video, and sent it out for the world to see within minutes of it occurring. It’s not long ago that this ability was restricted to large television news outlets. Modern equipment coupled with the right experience and knowledge enables us to deliver this to businesses large and small at very affordable rates. If this service is of interest to your business and relevant to your next event, we’d love to hear from you.

Here are some examples of the clips published that day: