VERY SHORT YouTube Video, Regional Victoria

December 27, 2015

Perhaps inspired by our recent Blog on our VERY SHORT Video Updates; another one of The Tribe’s favorite clients, Lightbulb Training Solutions, has joined the likes of Geelong Connected Communities in shortening their regular video updates in order to publish video content on a much more regular basis.

The Tribe’s VERY SHORT YouTube Video package allows clients to regularly publish engaging videos to social media, each lasting around 30 seconds. In terms of viewing time, as many as eight of these videos can equal the viewing time of one of our longer Social Media Video Updates, giving you eight times the chance of engaging your customers!
This package is yet another variation offered by The Tribe’s advanced video services, enabling us to support our clients’ digital strategies and help them to rank well on Google.

The Tribe offers VERY SHORT Video packages from as little as $430 each (ex-GST) and we are always happy to hear from new clients. Visit our Contact Us page or drop us a line!