Event Corporate Video Production, Preston

December 27, 2015

Staffed by neuropsychologists and behavioral psychologists with specialist skills; Diverge Consulting is a not for profit organisation working with problematic behaviors associated with Acquired Brain Injury or ABI.

Doctor Glenn Kelly and Genevieve McMahon contracted The Tribe to produce event video production for a seminar they ran at Melbourne Polytechnic on November 18th focusing on ABIs and the legal system.

Diverge Consulting recognise the importance of educating their audience and customers about not only the services offered by Diverge, but also the services available for clients with ABIs who are involved in the legal system.

Diverge has acknowledged that, while a live audience at the event is a good way to spread this information, video content in an online format is an extremely effective way to significantly broaden the audience.

The Tribe used a variety of cameras to produce a professional coverage of the event at a moderate cost. Here is an example of the work created.