Studio Hire, Geelong

January 24, 2016

After years of waiting, our brand new North Geelong studio is finally nearing conclusion. The Tribe has proudly begun to display our new facility to our industry colleges with overwhelmingly positive reactions.

The most common comments have expressed surprise at the sheer size of the space within the studio, and the efficiency of sound and light control within the area; two features that we went to great lengths to ensure worked as well as they could.

At 175 square meters, the studio is entirely soundproof, albeit not all of that space is intended for shooting purposes, but many have commented that the space seems much more usable than they had imagined. The studio is large enough to accommodate vehicles and large sets, and is equipped to allow for a huge variety of lighting configurations. One advantage this control allows is very effective chroma-key setups.

Additionally, the lengths we have gone to in order to soundproof the studio seems to be extremely unusual in our neck of the woods, and colleges have already started cranking out ideas for its potential use.

We hope to see our studio fully operational come April. If you would like to discuss the space further, head to our Contact Us page to drop us a line!


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