Support Geelong

June 23, 2016

At The Tribe we’re great fans of Geelong Connected Communities, which was established for the benefit of everyone in Geelong. Their work within our community is so sincere, genuine, and so far reaching.

In the last two and half years they have given in excess of 286 grants, totalling over $800,000 to a diverse range of organisations; from sporting clubs to arts and culture, and from helping the homeless to helping the fight against drugs.

Since the beginning we’ve been involved in their social media campaign, supplying video packages to them often on a monthly basis as the key backbone to their interaction with the public. And we’re proud to do so because we love being involved with them and the great people who make this all happen.

In early 2016 Geelong Connected Communities offered a new arrangement for us to be involved in, which was to come on board under a form of sponsorship. Of course we proudly said yes and happily took this on as a way for us to support the great work this community company does for our region.

To find out how you can support them visit their website at Geelong Connected Communities, and check the videos below to see some examples of the work and benefits of this amazing community company.