Public Relations Video Content, Geelong

June 17, 2016

This industry can be an interesting one and from week to week our creations for our clients can be varied. From shooting a commercial for one client, to live streaming an event with multiple cameras for another, we’re always proud of the hard work and effort we put into each job. But this particular one was something special.

We were recently contacted by Leigh McClusky – of Adelaide newsreader fame – founder of the PR company McCo Group in South Geelong, and asked to venture out to some land just north of the You Yangs to shoot some footage. But this wasn’t just any shoot, this was a shoot which we were very honoured and proud to be part of.

On behalf of the traditional owners, an event had been organised to bring together a range of experts to discuss how to protect some amazing finds that have been discovered. The most significant of all being a formation of rocks – our own mini Stonehenge if you will. And what an amazing site to see!

Circular on one side and coming to a point on the other, when sitting in the middle of this formation and looking out at the shapes that the stones placed around you make, you will notice that they line up with geographical features on the horizon.

But this structure also marks celestial bodies, which see’s a ceremony performed on the longest day of the year, with the sun splitting perfectly between three rocks as it drops over the horizon. And amazingly this coincides with a celebration that takes place on the other side of the world, as a similar ceremony is held at Stonehenge to mark the shortest day of the year.

So to go and shoot this footage was really quite an honour for us and also quite a surprise to learn that this miraculous formation is on our doorstep with very few knowing about it. But the traditional owners are education people on how to make sure it’s protected, so to be able to help get the message out there and to do that for the McCo Group was a real honour and privilege.

Our work see’s us involved with a number of different PR companies, doing anything from social media video to electronic press kits (EPK’s). We can provide a range of services from our stand-alone cameraman work, through to full production; editing, writing, scripting, talent, whatever is required to get your video made.

So if you would love to know what we can do for you or if you have a message you would like to share, we’d be more than happy to hear from you and really keen to work with you. Contact us here for a chat.