BYO Video Package, Geelong

July 7, 2016

With our ongoing desire to supply our clients with realistic and sustainable options for regular video production, we have added an exciting new package to our already available range.

This latest package is what we call BYO Video package, and it recognises that in this modern age we all have cameras at our figure tips, virtually every moment of the day. You’ve probably even got a camera looking at you right now from whatever it is your reading this from. Whether it be your phone, computer, Ipad or tablet, it’s fair to say that the cameras that are mounted on these devices are great quality and can produce the goods!

In order to rank well on Google by including video, you don’t need it to be professionally produced, but it might help present your business in a professional light. So this package allows us to find middle ground between it being affordable, convenient and yet still professional.

A 12-month commitment, the first month being $300 and then an ongoing commitment of $150 per month, we work with you to teach you how to shoot effective well-designed footage on your own camera and then have you send that footage to us. This is when we work our magic to give it that professional touch, including an opener and a closer, some name titles, some music and then we send it back to you ready to upload. This strikes a great balance between home made video and professional video, allowing your business to not break the budget, but still being able to represent yourself and you business professionally in a video medium.

So if your interested in talking to us about any of our packages, please contact us and we’ll to take you through them.