The Tribe Supplies Trekking Video to Kokoda Courage

July 1, 2016

We’re stoked to say we’re celebrating another fantastic arrangement and partner in crime, with a business call Kokoda Courage.

Run by some Geelong locals, husband and wife team Pete and Jasmine Condon, Kokoda Courage is a trekking company that takes eager participants trekking on, you guessed it, the Kokoda Track.

Packed with emotion and history, and not to mention its gruelling physical challenges, it is a rarity to come back without a glowing report on the significance of this trek and how fantastic and life changing it is.

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To see more of what this amazing team do, check out their site here:

Our newly arranged deal see’s The Tribe forge a relationship to become the official supplier of the video coverage for each trek.

The next trek which heads off very soon will be our first cab off the rank under this exciting new project.

The footage will be shot by our guides and other Kokoda Courage staff, as well as by the trekkers themselves and will be put together by us into a professionally finished video that will be a keepsake for the trekkers to look back on and remember this never to be forgotten experience forever.

Kokoda anzac day 2015