Kokoda Video

August 1, 2016

With Kokoda Courages’ most recent trek to the Kokoda trail complete, we now start our own journey gathering the films as collected by our trekkers and turning their captured footage into treasured memories to build our first Kokoda Courage video.

The trip is an iconic adventure that looks back into our history with pride and passion, mixed with an exciting experience of a lifetime, and so is the perfect material for building a memory triggering video package. For some, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and for others, an experience that is lived over and over again, returning to walk the gruelling trail a number of times throughout their lives.

We are really excited to start the edit process for these videos and very fortunate to be able to give the trekkers something that they’ll be able to look back on in years to come and remember their amazing and quite often emotional achievement.

We look forward to our delivery in a couple of weeks.