Script and Character Development For Video, Geelong

August 9, 2016

With so much technology at our fingertips, video production and utilising the power of video as part of a sensible digital strategy to help your business rank on google, is now becoming easily accessible and relatively affordable.

However, there can also be a downside to this and due to the tightening of our purse strings, time and resources can often be kept to a minimum in order to produce a video. And all too often one of the areas that receives less development than it deserves, or in some cases, even forgotten about, is script and character development.

This is the process of developing a storyline that will engage and capture the imagination of your viewers and take them on a journey. Similarly, developing the characters to create some sort of emotional response from your viewers, can be forgotten and overlooked when the budget requires us to move at a fast pace and complete the video without even giving this a second glance. But even if just the tiniest amount of time can be spent on shaping you characters – making them humorous, irritating, loveable or relatable, whatever it is you’re trying to get across, will help us to feel emotions and associate with the characters, which in turn will help you.

Think about it. When you’re watching your favourite films or binge watching your favourite tv shows, they don’t just happen. The rise and fall of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane didn’t just happen, it was created. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones wasn’t just this hunk who appeared from nowhere. And Breaking Bad and The Sopranos aren’t two of the greastest TV shows ever made, just because. These scripts and characters took time to build and mould into shape, and because of that they will go down in history as some of the greatest films and television ever made.

So even before a camera has even been turned on, sitting in a room all by themselves, most likely in tracksuit pants, jumpers and ugg boots (ok that may just be me?!), there’s a writer planning, plotting and developing characters and story, all while pulling out their hair and probably stuffing their faces with chocolates and lollies (ok that may just be me again!), bringing the original idea or concept to life on a piece of paper or computer screen. And this is where the magic begins.


We were recently able to put this to practice with a job for a company called Enhance My Home, and while the budget is not Hollywood large, it’s got enough movement in it that we’ve been able to develop the characters and have some fun with our storyline. This has meant simply sitting down and having some meetings to develop some ideas to not only tell the viewer about the products on hand, but also develop a storyline and personality to engage them and hopefully have them coming back for more. Not only does it mean we can produce videos that are more engaging for the viewer, it also means we all have a lot more fun and a lot more involvement in making it, as well as a lot of laughs along the way.

And from a business point of view, if you can engage with your customers and have that emotional investment, the results of your hard work and watching your baby come to life will pay off. Just look at some of the memorable ads and campaigns we’ve see on tv which have had well developed characters and storylines; everyone fell in love with Rhonda and Ketut!

So even if you’re only working with a modest budget we’d really recommend developing some good strong characters and a script to match. And if you need some help, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve got years of experience and some creative minds to help tell and capture your story.