Live Event Video Production, Geelong

August 21, 2016

After months of planning, Friday 5th August 2016, finally saw all the pieces come together for our Palms at Crown – Sounds of Heaven gig, at the always exciting Crown Casino. And the atmosphere was electric as the crowd made their way in for a night packed full of great music, songs and dance.

From a video coverage point of view, this event required us to combine the elaborate lighting design and audio requirements, with a three camera live switched recording. Sounds complicated right? Well it is! This required producing and directing skills to coordinate a production team of 7, with around 30 performers on stage, as well as backstage staff and crew, among others. But this is the kind of madness we love!

The live event video coverage we provided, utilised a vision switcher, which you guess it, switched vision! But on a more technical note, this device allows us to combine multiple cameras or video replay machines and as well as other sources.

The team was also geared up with the ever fashionable head sets, which allows the director to use live talk back to communicate to the camera operators during the show. This way the operators are aware of what the director needs from them and how to frame their shot, so that each camera can be selected at the appropriate time to allow the audience to see as much of the show as possible.


It all sounds pretty straightforward as anyone can hold a camera, right?! Wrong! This takes practice, experience, skill and an amazing amount of concentration and stamina from everyone involved. Especially when you’ve got music blasting from the stage, the adoring fans screaming and confessing their love to their idol and the director yelling instructions right into your ear hole, all for hours on end. With so much going on around you, and yes it’s hard not to start to dancing too, a ridiculous amount of focus and attention is required.

There is a definite art to directing live work like this and at The Tribe we love the opportunity to show our skills and expertise. As with anything in the film, tv and video production world, there is a balance between the technical side and the creative flow of the pictures, and how to combine them to give the viewer a realistic experience of the event.

And this job was no different as the team settled in to do what they do best, capturing this spectacular show in all it’s glory.


We’re very proud of the pictures that we’ve produced – it looks and sounds spectacular. And we’re now able to deliver a dvd product for this client that will ensure plenty of sales and the ideal support for their cd launch.

If you or anyone you know is looking for live event video production, send them on over. We love what we do and want to share the experience with as many as possible.