Video Editing Done Right by Geelong Production Company

September 20, 2016

Video Editing is one of the least understood aspects of producing a good video. And it’s amazing what can be achieved in the edit suite, as somewhere, someone sitting in a dark room staring a monitors and pushing buttons, is working hard to mess with your head and emotions!

The change in message, emotion and understanding that can be achieved all in the edit suite is quite staggering!

Think about it the next time you’re watching an ad on tv, you favourite television program, or a you tube clip. Subtle changes in timing could have made a significant difference to what you’re watching and whether it could have worked or not.

Comedy is often about timing, and a funny video that leaves you in hysterics and gasping for air, is largely made funny during the editing process. It can determine whether or not a joke works. And let’s hope it does!

Equally, getting an emotional response from a video is often achieved in the edit process. And i’m not talking necessarily about special effects, sounds effects, logo’s or pictures flying all over the screen; I’m talking good old fashion cuts within a well edited piece, that make the tears start flowing and our hearts skip a beat.

Sadly, all too often these days the edit process is forgotten or misunderstood. For example, drone footage; even the most beautifully shot footage, could be slotted one shot after another, with some pretty music slapped over the top. But without the skill and no appreciation of the process, the magic on this amazing footage will be lost. The impact of the editing process can turn this into something even more amazing than just some pretty pictures.

At The Tribe we have a good understanding and appreciation of the impact of good video editing. The founders were both employed as editors at GTV9, amongst other broadcasters, and so take a lot of pride in good editing and their work as a whole. And this is a skill we offer our clients on a daily basis.

And while not all of the requests made by our clients allow us to display in-depth and involved editing, we know that because we edit our packages well, that our viewers will be more engaged and more involved than they might otherwise be in the product. Therefore we take comfort in the knowledge that we are looking after our clients in the best way possible.

Check out the video below and if you would like to talk to us about video editing, get in contact with us. Theres’ nothing better than watching something take shape – from the original randomly shot images, to a complete video that allows us to take you on a journey and tell you a story.