Video Production Studio, Geelong – Tidy up!

January 23, 2018

It takes a lot of work to look rustic and unkempt!

To welcome 2018!

We thought it was time to do a little bit of a tidy up of our North Geelong video production studio. We have given the outside a good shampoo and polish. Believe it or not, we even tidied up our rustic, river pebble lined, leaf covered, dodgy timber looking walkway entrance area!

Then on the inside, we’ve removed a lot of old fragments of sets and other paraphernalia that was getting a bit bulky and untidy! This opened the space up once again to allow for all the new sets and projects for 2018!

Our chroma key green screen is ready, our camera gear is ready and our lights are all ready.

The Tribe is looking forward to lots of video production in 2018.