Media Scrum, Geelong

February 1, 2018

Working in a media scrum can be tricky work!

Sometimes you need to be a little bit pushy, stick the elbows out and dig the heels in.

You need to be light, nimble and quick on your feet so you don’t miss that all important shot.

You need to be professional, you need to carry yourself in a way that lets the VIP you’re chasing know that you know what you’re doing and that your no bunny!


At The Tribe, after our many, many years of experience, we can match in it any media scrum.

In the big cities, media scrum work can get a bit nasty, thankfully down here in Geelong, things are a bit nicer, but it still bodes well to have had some big city experience, and we certainly boast that at The Tribe.

The media scrum is a communications circus to a certain degree. It’s something that may form when a big announcement is made by government, or when a mini emergency arises and a VIP needs to inform the public via the media as to what’s been happening.


Various clients over the years have contracted The Tribe to record video in a media scrum type environment. Generally, this work has been in order to produce an EPK or an electronic press kit, which basically means creating video for distribution via various news and media channels such as TV stations, online video news channels, online newspapers, and of course, social media.


In more recent times the main purpose for EPK work, or media scrum work, is social media, and the video you see on this blog is from some social media, media scrum work we’ve completed in recent times.


So, if you have a big announcement coming, and you have the need for an electronic press kit to be produced, contact us at The Tribe. You won’t be disappointed with our professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail.

We look forward to hearing from you.