Regular Video Inclusion, Geelong

May 29, 2018

Online content needs to engage your audience. Whether the content entertains, informs or teaches; regular inclusion of fresh content creates quality engagement. It builds a relationship and familiarity, with people coming back for more. Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content online. The figures associated with video viewing online are staggering. Videos come in various styles, durations, looks and feels. They range from simple one-shot videos, to much more complex productions with detailed editing. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter too much about which style you use, so long as it is regular, and the spoken content is of good quality.

There are a few factors to consider, such as, how does a cheap video represent my business – but the most important aspect is that the information and message is strong and of good quality.

The huge bonus to regular video inclusion is Google ranking.

In order to rank websites, Google has developed special algorithms to determine which sites are most active, most local, most engaged and most expert in their field. In a nutshell, regular activity provides a better ranking. This activity starts with regular blogging and SEO content (or search engine optimised content). Once the two basic steps are in place, video as a plug-in is a magnifier to this activity ensuring greatly improved Google ranking. And regular video is key to that success. The Tribe is an expert at producing regular video for Geelong businesses, and has done so for a wide range of clients – from large to small.

If you’re considering magnifying your Google rankings with the use of regular video, contact us at The Tribe for an obligation free chat, we look forward to discussing your needs.