Welcome to our 17/18 – 4th quarter e-Newsletter Video Update!

July 10, 2018

Well, we saw a busy finish to the 17/18 year with jobs spread right through our neck of the woods – from Warrnambool to Geelong & Torquay to Bannockburn! And with our cameras shooting everything from winery visits, to scientific high pressure gas main tests, to Deakin lectures and night time fishing cruises, the variety of our work continued to keep us entertained!
Of course, it’s all about communicating to our clients’ customers and we’ve put some impressive runs on the board on that front too.

One key announcement we were very proud to share, was that as we entered our 5th year of producing Agriculture Victoria’s Very Fast Break, we added a South Australian version to the mix! This was a significant step for this ground breaking video content – yet more recognition of the success of “The Very Fast Break!”

Much of the of activity for the quarter was centered around our core social media video update packages, our e-learning video work and a new product – eNewsletter Video Updates – just like this one below!

Go on – click it and have a look!

Of course our core products, Social Media Video Updates (as SEO content) and our e-Learning Video content continued to be well utilised by our client base. These are a vital part of any digital strategy – and as video production experts we have the right gear and the right experience to ensure your video content is professional and effective – delivered on time and on budget!
So, that’s our quick wrap of a busy final 17/18 quarter!

Hope yours was as productive & hope to work with you again soon.

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