Reasons To Use Video, Geelong

July 19, 2018

In days gone by, books and written information were the fountain of learning. And while that is still true today, the lifestyles people lead have become so very busy, inundated with so much information, written and otherwise, that we need to be creative in how we communicate information to our audience.

Written information is still the most accurate long-form version of how to communicate and educate, whether in a formal setting or a casual one. However, in such a busy world, smart businesses and organisations, understand the communication needs to be engaging and needs to come in various forms.

Video has seen exponential growth over recent years. The user take up has been staggering. The statistics around video use, particularly online, are mind-blowing; telling us that people absorb more information from video, than virtually any other form. This has also spawned a new generation. A generation that absorbs and learns information via video as a preference to written information.

When we’re presenting information to our customers or users, it’s important to present the information in a variety of ways. By far, the most common way would be written but increasingly, businesses are getting on board, understanding that video is a smart way to go. Video enjoys higher attention rates and higher engagement levels. It also has been shown to achieve higher retention rates. People remember what they see in videos.

This staggering use of video and the revolution we have experienced has resulted in other benefits. Google is by far the world’s most dominant search engine. When users or customers search for a service or a product online, they use Google. And they use Google when they are ready to purchase – all they need to do is find the right supplier. Therefore, ranking well on Google is very important for most businesses and organisations.

Recognising the enormous take up of video, Google purchased YouTube some time ago. They now use video on YouTube, in combination with those videos appearing on blogs, as a key pointer to send customers your way. A digital campaign, or online presence, is significantly stronger when video is included in the mix.

So, the key 2 reasons for using videos in Geelong:

– Firstly because people want to see video. They want to see your product or service in action, they want to get a feel of what sort of business or organisation they’re potentially going to interact with. They want to hear the information through their own ears, they want to hear you talk to them, they want to see you talk to them. It helps them feel comfortable in the decision to choose you over your competitors.

– And the other vital reason is because using video helps you to rank higher on Google. If you’re not ranking on Google, the customer won’t find you in the first place.

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