World Recognised Video Communication Expands from Geelong to SA

August 28, 2018

2018 marked the beginning of the fifth year of production of The Very Fast Break. The Very Fast Break is a video format of ‘The Break’ which is a suite of seasonal forecast communication products, produced by Agriculture Victoria. Led by Graham Anderson and Dale Grey from Agriculture Victoria, The Very Fast Break provides climate forecasting information for farmers, communicating complex science in a simple, short and to the point way. As a key point of difference for this style of communication, The Very Fast Break finishes with a tongue-in-cheek analogy, a gag, something fun and silly that re-enforces the key points in the science presented.

The Very Fast Break has seen tremendous success and received worldwide recognition by similar bodies all striving for effective ways to communicate science in easy to understand and accessible packages. Additionally, The Very Fast Break has received strong support from ABC rural reporter, Warwick Long and even more notably via a territory expansion under the support of Grains Research and Development Cooperation (GRDC). GRDC has recently announced that in addition to the traditional market of Victoria, The Very Fast Break will now have a second version created specifically for South Australia. This means that each four to six weeks, The Very Fast Break will now be produced as two
videos, one for Victoria and one for South Australia, to be sent out to farmers and any member of the public wishing to access this important information.

You can read the full article at – GRDC Press Release

As seen in these two articles, this is a significant investment, and part of an important industry support strategy for GRDC. The Tribe sees the South Australian expansion as a glowing recognition of the brilliant work over the last four years with The Very Fast Break.

Communication is key and video is an important communication tool in the modern age. Life is busy and time is short, and the use of video for efficient and quick delivery of information is a valuable tool.

At The Tribe, we are very proud to be associated with The Very Fast Break, Agriculture Victoria and GRDC, and look forward to the next two year’s delivery of The Very Fast Break under this recently signed contract.

If you would like to talk to us about ground breaking video communication we would be only too proud yo do so.
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