Event Production, Geelong

September 27, 2018

In 2018, Geelong’s ‘The Tribe’ celebrates 25 years of operation. When you add that to the many years of experience from our crew, it’s not surprising to learn that we’ve been involved in a good number of events over the years, from HUGE to tiny!

Event production can be complex. We deliver your video production requirements without fuss, leaving you to focus on all those spot fires!

Whether your video needs for your event are in advance, during, or after the event, we pride ourselves on a professional service and product delivery with minimal fuss. We provide a range of video services from multi-camera audio visual needs, through to video production for ‘roll in viewing’ during the event itself.


If you’re involved with event production in Geelong and need video services, we can help. Contact us for a chat about your next event.