Online Marketing, Colac

September 13, 2018

Marketing has changed. The old way, is hard sell; buy now, call now, sale sale sale. It’s an exhausting approach, not only for the customer but for the business operator. It’s difficult to maintain and once your marketing effort is over so are the sales. The modern word for this would be, unsustainable.

Modern marketing normally involves an online identity, which for most businesses has become vital to successful modern marketing. Effective online marketing often comes back to a more sustainable, long-term, calm, genuine, honest approach, rather than a ‘Quick, buy now!’ approach.  Modern online marketing is usually about showing your customers your style, your attitude, your services and products. It’s gentle and mature, it says ‘G’day! This is who we are, and this is what we do! This is why we do it, and why we reckon it’s great!’. It allows customers to discover your business as if they had unearthed a hidden gem, rather than ‘find’ you in a mad rush. It creates a level of comfort within the customer, a desire to purchase from you because they’re enjoying the experience.

On a more practical level, online marketing normally starts with a well built search engine optimised website, hosted by a proactive host. This doesn’t need to be expensive but there can be some traps for young players here. Usually the best way to avoid the traps it to ensure the site host, and build company, agrees to a set of performance guidelines for your site, and that they include regular analytical reporting. The next important activity is regular blogging. Blogging is simply telling people a little about what you do and sharing a little, knowledge just like I’m doing right now.  Once you have these in place, it’s time to start considering regular video inclusion. That is where The Tribe comes in!

Established in 1993, we know video! But we also know a thing or two about online marketing,. which is why we’ve launched our ‘Digital Consulting for the Uninitiated’ service. If you’d like to know more please contact us, we’d be happy to remove some of the confusion of online marketing.