E-learning Video, Warrnambool

November 22, 2018

At The Tribe we specialise in video production and while those two simple words sound straightforward enough, the types of videos that can be produced for a client can vary drastically. One of our core products is e-learning video material – as video in the modern age is such a strong teaching tool.

Over the last three or four years we’ve had healthy growth in the number of clients coming to us for learning video, and so we have become a bit of a specialist! E-learning videos often sit within a learning management system (or LMS) as components for training staff on a particular aspect of business operations.

An example of one of our clients is Agriculture Victoria. We have assisted Agriculture Victoria in a number of projects with one example being the movement of livestock. Our most recent project has been training staff on what to do in the case of a livestock based disease such as foot and mouth. If foot and mouth was declared in Victoria, the transport of livestock would need to be very quickly controlled and most likely stopped – so as to prevent the disease spreading to other parts of the state, other parts of the country, or worse. Not all staff that would be required to respond to such a situation would be 100% familiar with the processes to be executed, and so Agriculture Victoria determined that a training package, based on an LMS, including video, would be the most effective way to quickly sharpen up those skills and prepare staff for the tasks ahead of them.

For that project we produced a number of videos that now sit within the LMS. The videos displayed and explained the steps and processes and equipment required, and once viewed in the LMS would be followed by a series of questions and perhaps some written material that the student would be required to complete. The LMS would then record the course as completed and that data would be accessible within management of Agriculture Victoria.

At The Tribe we understand how to incorporate video into a learning process and can assist you in whatever level you require for your e-learning video material. If you’d like to talk to us about e-learning video material Warrnambool, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us now and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.