Company Video Production, Geelong

December 6, 2018

Often when we engage in conversations about video production with companies to aid telling their story, we end up discussing learning styles and the strengths of video as an engagement tool. While debate remains as to whether learning styles actually exist, it’s widely
accepted that three areas are well worth considering when presenting information, being:

– visual
– auditory
– and kinesthetic

Visual learners are said to prefer images, pictures, diagrams, and videos or demonstrations. Personally, I often feel that my preferred learning styles are a mix of these three.  However, we’re not here to debate the existence of, nor discuss learning styles, we’re here to talk to you about video and there is an abundance of evidence, anecdotal and otherwise, that enables us to recognise that video is one of the more engaging learning tools, and importantly offers content variety. So when a company has a story to tell, and their aim is for engagement, message recognition and recollection, video is an excellent tool to employ.

At The Tribe we have worked with a range of businesses large and small to produce company videos. These have ranged from simple ‘about us’ videos through to the communication of complex systems and processes. Our studio, based in North Geelong, allows for a range of video production styles and options. And having established the business in 1993, our experience is broad and adaptable.

So if you’re in the market for company video production in Geelong, it’s likely we’ve got the right solution for you.

Contact us at The Tribe and we’ll look forward to speaking with you.