Cameraman, Geelong

January 29, 2019
When searching for a Cameraman or Camera Operator, the quality of the service provided can vary enormously; experience shows. While The Tribe is a video production company offering more services than just camera operating, camera operation is certainly one service we can help you with.


The Tribe was established in 1993 after Adam Tribe left many years of work at Channel 9 in Melbourne, to pursue a freelance career as a Director and Producer. His path has been extensive including;
– International OB work for television
– Producing and distribution of television content
– Local work on everything from the Olympics, to Formula 1, to Moto GP, tennis, golf, drama and television ad work.


This experience means that when operating as a Cameraman, Adam is able to offer a big picture view of your project ensuring that the footage gathered meets your requirements once in edit.
Operating a camera requires a broader knowledge than just knowing which button to press. The footage shot needs to edit together correctly. Adam’s experience ensures this will occur beyond your expectations. Our equipment includes a 3-chip Sony 160 camera which is perfect for run and gun and ENG shooting. It has an extremely flexible lens allowing quick footage gathering if required. Also included in the kit is an FS5 which is a more cinematic camera, allowing for prettier shots with shallow focus, providing soft foregrounds and backgrounds as desired. The kit is extensive, with a range of lights, microphones, stands, GoPros and wireless audio equipment, along with a range of other gear. The fees are very competitive compared to Melbourne rates, and all of the equipment is included. Fees work on hourly, half-day and full-day rates as per industry standard.


If you’re looking for a Cameraman in the Geelong region very few would offer the experience and service that you’ll find at The Tribe. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the result.
If you’d like to know more please contact us via email or give us a call, we’ll look forward to talking to you about your project.