The Tribe Website Update, Geelong

February 24, 2021

After many years of The Tribe website informing our clients on what we do and how we do it, we thought it was time for a bit of a revamp. Our homepage is largely unchanged and will look familiar to many of you who may have used it in the past but where the changes really start to hit home is under our Video Production pull down menu. We have added a portfolio page that allows potential customers to gain a generic overview of the Video Production services on offer. Also, under the Video Production drop down menu is a description of a role of the  Producer.

Vid Production Portfolio And Producer

Video Producer Geelong


A Producer’s role is to oversee and be responsible for every aspect of a Video Production from start to finish.

With over 30 years of experience, and as the owner of The Tribe, Adam Tribe is our senior Video Producer in Geelong. The role requires experience and thorough understanding of everything from the business side of a project, right through to the creative. The Producer is responsible for the budget, the crew, and the production process. Excellent communication skills are required as the role often serves as a conduit between a diverse range of people with varying perspectives.
As most budgets have limitations, a Producer will often turn their hand to some of the tasks needed to complete the job. It is not unusual for a Producer to be very hands on with anything from the budget, to scriptwriting and edit. As the senior role within a production, the Producer is usually the key contact for client interaction.

Many people not familiar with the film and Video Production world may have trouble understanding the difference between a Producer and a Director and that’s why we have added:

Video Director Geelong


A Director’s role is to oversee, and be responsible for, the creative aspects of a video production.

Working closely with, and ultimately for, the Producer, the Director will usually take the lead with everything from the on-camera performance, to camera selection, position and movement. Many directors rise through the ranks via a camera operating path, however, it is also not uncommon for a path via the edit suite. This means directors are usually very adept at camera work and may well work magic in the edit suite! Oh, and if you ever hear a director using the line, “fix it in post” they have probably come up through the camera operating path!

The drop-down menu continues with some of the content that was already on our site such as Corporate, e-Learning Video, Social Media covering of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram before another new addition:

Drone Video

Drone Vid

As a professional Geelong video production company there are so many aspects of our job we love. One of those is how many fantastic gadgets we are lucky enough to incorporate into our work; & one of our favourite gadgets has to be the drone!
Drone Video adds a whole new perspective to video production. The combination of being airborne and looking through the lens presents a whole new set of creative variables. Our many years of Directing expertise combines seamlessly with flight – bringing cinematography to the air – to ensure sensational footage. We love combining our creative video production expertise with drone flight.

There are a number of other additions to the site which we’d love for you to discover yourself when you have time to do so. However, for now, we’d also love to bring your attention to our Digital Consulting page which sits under the Other Services drop down menu.

Digital Consulting Geelong

Dig Consulting

Talk about digital strategy can be confusing. SEO, websites, blogging, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – it can make decision making complex and overwhelming.

The Tribe’s Digital Consulting service provides a clear, unbiased path for your digital development. A path tailored to your needs, using simple language.

We help you to plan your website needs and suppliers. Your social media needs and use. And your supporting activity so that you can achieve your goals.

Experience tells us that many digital plans are not executed – usually due to lack of resources and prioritisation.

We strive to provide you with a plan that is easy to execute and follow.
Our service is on-going to help you maintain the discipline required to achieve your desired outcomes.
We keep it clear, easy to understand, and accountable.

So, there you have it! We’re really excited about the changes and hope it allows clients like your good self, to better understand the services we offer. Our ongoing aim is to create better video content and digital interaction for you, our clients.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of our services or even if you’re just wanting to say g’day. We look forward to seeing you again soon.