Video & Digital Support Package, Geelong

April 6, 2021

At the Tribe we know the importance of having video combined with digital support. Support that will help you communicate effectively with your clients. While there are so many benefits of showcasing your products online, we are all too familiar with the struggle of sitting down in front of a computer and not knowing where to start or what to do! After more than 25 years in the video, TV, and film industry, we know the business, we understand what to do, and we have the right tools to help you do it.

We provide web video services for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and have designed our Video Update Packages specifically for this use.

By pairing our Video Update Packages with our Digital Support our clients garner the maximum benefit from the publication. Maximising the return on their spend.

Our Digital Support arrangements vary from client to client, but in most cases, we work with clients over a 12 month period delivering numerous video packages along with advice and hands on activity. The service starts with defining goals and desired outcomes. This leads to a realistic and deliverable strategy – a plan. We then work with our clients to ensure the execution of the plan.

The Video and Digital Support Service offers reassurance to our clients. They know that their planned video and digital exposure is in place and being executed. Freeing up their valuable time to get on with other tasks.

These packages allow your business to benefit from the power of new, fresh and engaging content – while leaving you to get on with work!

If you need a little more support get in touch, we’ll look forward to a chat!