Drone fly over for 18 hole golf clubs, Geelong

May 5, 2021

Golf in Geelong is a huge part of getting together with mates or just unwinding after a long and tiring day. The Geelong region is home to numerous golf clubs that attract thousands of members and players each year. Many of these golf clubs are competing for the same group of players. This means that in order to have that competitive edge for your club, you need to stand out! However, that can be easier said than done… and yes, we know how confusing social media can be!

With a little bit of creativity and out of the box thinking, the Tribe can help you and your club. The Tribe’s ‘18 hole drone fly over video package’ provides professional drone video of each hole. Starting at the tee, we record a flight that mimics the flight of the ball – down the fairway rising to provide a bird’s eye view before settling down at the green.

This package provides two price points:

–       the first delivering one shot of each hole from the tee to the green.

–       & the second featuring 3 shots of each hole – in addition to the ‘tee to green’ shot, we also shoot a high overhead of the green, and finish with a low profile shot. This additional detail shows the player more of the undulations and variations of the course.

This video package enables players to preview each hole prior to or during play. This not only encourages players to attend – but also assists the understanding of the lay of each fairway, green, bunker, water hazard and undulation.

There are various marketing strategies that we can work on to rev up your golf club’s digital presence. Whether you are looking to kickstart your marketing campaign, increase brand awareness through video, or effectively communicate your business…The Tribe can help you out!

We all have a story to tell – The Tribe has years of industry experience to help you tell it via video.

Contact us at The Tribe for more information. We look forward to speaking with you.