AWH Corporate Marketing Video, Geelong

May 10, 2013

Modular Flexibility

The Tribe has completed the production of a new corporate marketing video for AWH.

Our work often requires a thorough understanding of the many facets of a business so that we can effectively communicate the correct message on behalf of our customers. This was the case with AWH. I was not aware of the size of the business until working closely with the management team. The work required us to travel to Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide & Melbourne, along with a number of trips to the head office in Lara.

As a result of the many services offered by AWH, the video finished up with an interesting design.

As AWH is embracing new tablet technology we built the video in modules – with each module specific to a different section of the business.

The Tribe designed the modules so that they can be played in playlists – in any combination – as needed. This flexible functionality allows each viewing to be tailored accordingly.

A great use of modern media!