Chroma Key, Geelong

March 27, 2018

Often referred to as green screen, chroma keying is a trick we use in the video production game that allows us to replace the background of a shot. The technology works by selecting a particular colour for us to replace. We then replace that colour with a new image.


As the name suggests, however, via the use of the word ‘Chroma’, the chroma or colour does not need to be green. In fact, in the old days, it was much more common for us to use blue, or a blue screen.


As you can see in the video below, using chroma keying we can shoot people in our Geelong studio against our chroma key background and replace the background with any image we like.



Much of the high-end special effects you see in large budget commercials, TV shows and movies use this technique or variations of it.


Most of our clients here at The Tribe, use the technology on a much simpler level. Using our North Geelong studio and our chroma key background, we can create a series of videos for clients about various subject areas and change the background according to their message.


Sometimes we utilise a still shot in the background, or perhaps just a graduated colour. Other times we use live vision such as the Gala Parade vision that you can see in the video below



Chroma keying allows us the flexibility of having multiple images on screen at once; it helps to tell a story, to liven up our videos and increase engagement levels.


We’re experts at chroma keying and have been doing it a long time, so if you need assistance with chroma keying or any other video production services, chances are, we can help!


We hope to work with you soon!