e-Learning, Geelong

March 13, 2018

Electronic learning content, or e-Learning content, can take many forms, from simple PowerPoint presentations to sophisticated Learning Management Systems. They can be online or can be locally based via tablets and computers.

At The Tribe, we specialise in video, and many of our clients have utilised our services to create video e-Learning content. There are many examples of our work ranging from in-depth scientific principals through to building and construction videos, safety and induction, through to this example below from Colac Area Health.


As you can see this video is a casual education piece hosted by Geoff Iles – CEO of Colac Area Health – used to educate the general public about some of the services offered by Colac Area Health.


Video as an e-Learning content tool is a powerful way to educate and teach. We work with a growing number of clients from Geelong, reaching all the way to Warrnambool on e-Learning video content.


If you have an e-Learning project and would like to speak to us about video, we’d be very keen to hear from you.