YouTube Video Production, Colac

April 20, 2018

Servicing the Colac region since 2014, The Tribe is a Video Production company that specialises in YouTube video.

When we established the business in 1993, our main focus was television programme production for domestic and international markets.

Moving with the modern world, The Tribe has changed its core focus specifically to make YouTube video for our clients.

This is because it gives our clients the best return on their spend. While on the surface, putting a video on YouTube just seems like a sensible idea, there are significant strategical reasons for placing video on YouTube. If you run a business that needs customers coming though the front door, picking up the phone, or emailing you in order to buy things. Then it is vital that the customer is able to easily find you, and have a good experience engaging with your business.

In this day and age, the most common way to do this is via Google. And while there are still old school customers out there who will pick up things like the Yellow Pages, or look in the classified section of the newspaper, the number of people who are purchasing, and making purchasing decisions via those methods is falling away. Most people (even older customers) are very comfortable going online to purchasing products. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to be an online retailer, but it does mean that for most businesses you need an online presence. So, what is an online presence? An online presence basically means a website!

So, step number one is to have a good website. We then need to look at a thing called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. This basically means the structure, and how the website is built, needs to be done the right way, so when customers are searching the internet for your services, your site ranks well on Google. In other words, Google can see it, understand what you do, and give you a chance of ranking well on the list of sites.

Once those two steps are complete, you can then look at other support mechanisms to help communicate about your products and services, and importantly, help customers find them via Google. One of the greatest magnifiers is YouTube video.

So, what does that all boil down to? If you want people to find you on Google (online), you need a well built, SEO’ed website.

If you then add YouTube video you’ll be much more likely to have customers find you rather than your competitors.

At The Tribe, we have been focusing on YouTube Video for our clients since 2012, and these days 90% of our work is focused on YouTube Video Production. We can help guide you, not only on how to put together the right video or videos for you, but also guide you on how to host them on YouTube so that your desired audience finds and enjoys your video.

As for the videos themselves our many years of experience ensures you get the ultimate value for money. We believe that what we deliver for the price point is superiors to our competitors and our experience shines through. Resulting in the ultimate value for money for you. So, if you’re looking for at producing YouTube Video in Colac, We’d really love to talk to you about it!


Contact us today, we look forward to talking to you.