Web Video, Geelong

May 3, 2018

The internet has all sorts of web video. Watching video has been one of the fastest growing uses of the internet from its inception, particularly in the last 10 years.

So, if we want to tap into this video watching frenzy – where should we start? Well, at The Tribe we start by considering things such as;

  • Where & who is our audience?
  • What is it that we need the video to achieve?
  • Where are we going to place the video and why?
  • What are our key messages?
  • Who will feature in our video?
  • What styling is appropriate?

Once we’ve established some of these key details we look at what technical form of video is most appropriate. For example, what camera type is appropriate – & do we stick with the traditional television screen format or do we go for a square format, which is more appropriate for a Facebook news feed or an Instagram post.

A layer that’s often spoken about in more casual setting, but strangely less thought about in corporate settings, is making the content of the video fun and engaging. Often in the corporate environment there’s a tendency to remain safe. Corporate clients don’t want to look silly or to take risks, so we tend to stay a little bit straight. The videos might be friendly, engaging and upbeat, but being silly in a corporate setting is not the done thing!

To me, that can be a bit of a shame. History shows if you want to get a plenty of attention to your video, having something about your content that’s a bit of a risk or a bit of fun is often a key to viral success.

A great example of that at The Tribe, is a job we do for Agriculture Victoria on a regular basis called The Very Fast Break. In 2018 we entered our 5th year in a row of creating this award-winning content. The Very Fast Break communicates scientific information for people working on the land so that they can apply the science to their future planning.

Hosted by Dale Grey, a Seasonal Risk Agronomist from Bendigo, and overseen by Graeme Anderson, a Climate Specialist, Graeme and Dale understand that their subject matter can come across as a bit dry, and so from the very outset they knew they needed a hook! A way of engaging their audience and entertaining them!

Dale was more than happy to go out on a limb for the sake of creating engaging content, to have a little fun and poke bit of fun at himself. As a result, we now are coming into 5 years of hilariously funny, well spirited, educational, engaging content production. The video below is a compile of just some of the silly gags we’ve been able to build into the videos we’ve produced.



As you can see it’s lots of fun. Very silly. And Dale is such a great sport.

Here at The Tribe we are so proud to be producing this content and due to going out on a limb and taking the risk, this content has had World-wide recognition. It also serves as a reminder to science and government departments all over the world that if they want to engage their audience, a little bit of risk can be a very rewarding thing.

So, I’d encourage you to consider what you can inject into your web video content to really engage your audience.

No matter the style, we’d relish the opportunity to discuss web video content with you. We are confident we can deliver the right video for you and your audience.

If you’d like to talk to about engaging your audience contact us at The Tribe.

We look forward to talking to you.