YouTube Production, Geelong

May 10, 2018

YouTube is still the king of video content on the internet. So much so that platforms that in the past were not interested in video have now changed tack. Two examples are Instagram and Facebook. Both established for anything other than video. Both now using video. Why is that, you may well ask! The growth we’ve seen in people watching video online is staggering! It is arguably the most powerful tool on the internet. If you are online and wanting to attract people to your site but you don’t have video associated with your product, service, business or hobby then you are missing the boat!

So, with video all over the internet what is the best place to post it?

The answer is still, and by far, YouTube.

We do have some clients who only place their videos on Facebook, and some only on Instagram, and still others who only place their videos embedded onto their own websites – directly hosted by their internet service provider, but these customers (who are in the minority), as a rule, do not get the return on investment they deserve.

People may love Facebook, but we also need to keep in mind the mechanisms and mathematical processes behind the scenes that the internet guru’s have built for us to make this amazing thing called the Internet work.

That’s where we come back to the strength of YouTube production (combined with Google). Google as you may well be aware is by far the most dominate search engine. When was the last time you “Yahoo’d” something? It was probably a long time ago, if ever! Because like me, you probably Google things every day. Google is the king of search engines.

Now, most large online businesses have been buying up other online assets for many years. One example of that was when Google purchased YouTube.

As a part of that purchase, Google have increased the importance of video as a ranking mechanism. A mechanism that sends customers to your site!

As a very simplified example, consider two very similar websites. One is yours and one is your key competitor. If you have video and your competitor does not, you will rank higher on Google.

So, it is more likely that Google will send customers to you rather than your competitor.

If we were to take that same video and place it on your Facebook page, it would not have the same effect. You would still have video online and people would still find it. But it wouldn’t contribute to people finding your site in their Google search.

Google owns YouTube, having video on YouTube that is then embedded into your site helps customers find you.

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