Monthly Archive: March 2020

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Video Communication during tough times, Geelong

March 25, 2020 Well, it certainly has been a challenging start to the calendar year! Droughts and flooding rains. Fires, creating their own weather. Smoke haze as thick as soup. And a coronavirus that shows how interconnected we all are! As we wrangle with how to keep our businesses operating smoothly through this difficult patch – we are...
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Tt Counteracting Negative Media

Counteracting negative media, Geelong

March 12, 2020 While negative media can be an instrument that leads to positive outcomes, sadly, we often hear clients speak of negative media that they strongly feel is unjustified. Often, there are accusations of cheap journalism focused more on deadlines, sensationalism, and quantity, rather than quality. Modern media professionals are indeed often under the pump. The pressure...
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